It’s A Dirty Job – Why Do it yourself?

Yes it is a dirty job but we take delight in doing it because it is our core strength; why getting your hands dirty without achieving much, let it to the pros at Daisy. Daisy’s Cleaners have a specialised Gardening maintenance team that’s is ready to go to work at very short notice. Our team is provided with the best training and the right equipment for all aspect of gardening care.

  • Make a booking – either book through our online booking platform or give us a call or contact us online, choose a date and time of day that suit you best for a visitation by the gardeners.
  • Tell us the job that needs to be done  – this allows us to bring with us the right equipment.  Give us your instructions and tell us if you have any special requests for any additional services, such as garden design for example. Meanwhile, use your time however you like, leave the garden work to the specialists!
  • Our Gardening Maintenance is based on hourly rate – The 1st 1 our is charge @ £50 and the subsequent hours is charged @ £40 per hour. It is important to provide garden access to our team as soon as the get site to ensure that you don’t pay for unutilised hours. Gardening team comes with a minimum of 2 persons but that does not affect the standard rate. The rates are per hour not per person, this regardless of the number of persons.
  • Inspect the job yourself – are you happy with what the gardeners have done for you? You have the final say in this as Daisy’s aims for your complete and utter satisfaction with your garden maintenance service.
  • Trained, background checked gardeners;
  • Get maintenance advice from the experts;
  • Take advantage of special offers;
  • Free removal of up to 180L of garden waste.


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