Parties are a great way to have fun but after the fun comes the mess. We know how it feels after a great party; really tired feeling by just looking at the mess left behind inside your home or venue?  And you wishing that you  had a magic wand to wave and tidy everything up.

How about returning to a sparklingly clean home? The good feeling of relaxing in a spanking clean premise, dirt and dust free, fragrant rooms, polished floors and upholstery, and germ free carpets.

That is exactly what Daisy’s Cleaners offer offers the following event cleaning service to make you feel relaxed and rested after a successful party. See what our post event cleaners can do for you:

  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and toilets
  • Systematic cleaning of appliances
  • Cleaning of all cupboards in the kitchen
  • Washing and cleaning of floors
  • Polishing mirrors and windows
  • Wiping walls and windows up to difficult to reach sections
  • Cleaning all types of kitchen surfaces

The after party effects can be quite serious such as dirty and soiled carpets and stained sofas and upholstery.  Seeing the mess gives you additional stress and pressure.  To relieve yourself from this, you can combine this service with other cleaning services such as carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.  Being one of the best in the industry, we guarantee that you will feel even better after the party clutter has been cleaned up.

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